"Intelligent software for finance and life sciences"

Vartion is a data analytics company in the field of life sciences and finance. With state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and big data solutions we deliver novel insights in unstructured data.

Innovative SaaS:

Pascal: Compliance and Finance Intelligence
CDDmatics Pascal is trained to support risk and compliance professionals in the Client Due Diligence (CDD) process. CDDmatics is an invaluable tool during the entire client relationship. To name just a few features, it constantly monitors for client related events (direct and indirect) and client transactions. CDDmatics aims to boost efficiency and provide new insights into data, helping risk & compliance professionals to build a better tomorrow.

Harvey: Unified software for life sciences and healthcare
Genematics Harvey is trained to gain new insights for enterprises who want to accelerate innovation from every angle. Genematics Harvey helps life science researchers and medical specialists to discover, interpret and communicate valuable patterns in biological data. It combines the recovery of data from public scientific resources with instant interpretation. Genematics Harvey aims to accelerate research for new drugs, treatments and other innovations in life sciences to build a better tomorrow.